Creative Room™ is the İSKO™ office in Italy, specializing in design and style research. For years it has been making available its creative and professional skills to key players across the denim supply chain, from fashion, jeanswear, sportswear, streetwear brands to garment makers in need of a partner providing new sources of inspiration and solutions. All this thanks to really tailor-made and all-round service, which follows the customer from the very first ideation and design phase, all the way to final production. The profitable synergy with the parent company ISKO™, a global leader in denim fabric production, allows Creative Room™ to provide its customers with the most innovative and highly performing solutions in real time, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and timeliness.

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Part of a large group: ISKO™

Market development is the starting point for up-and-coming enterprises. ISKO™, the largest denim manufacturer worldwide and leader in the industry with regard to innovation, is at the cutting edge in researching and developing outstanding products with excellent performance levels, as well as providing state-of-the-art services. This is why ISKO™ has established Creative Room™: in order to enhance as much as possible the work done together with players across the production chain.